MOU signed with Indonesian Red Cross

5 November 2015

Bali Peduli has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Indonesian Red Cross – City of Denpasar, known as Palang Merah Indonesia Kota Denpasar in Bahasa Indonesia.

The MOU formalizes the relationship between Bali Peduli and Indonesian Red Cross who are united in preventing the spread of HIV.


The MOU focusses on HIV prevention in adolescents in Denpasar.

Together, Bali Peduli and Indonesian Red Cross aim to provide information about HIV to high school students and run mobile clinics enabling young people to easily be tested for HIV.

The aim is firstly to educate young people about HIV risks so they are informed about how to protect themselves. Secondly, it aims to help young people to understand and experience the process of HIV testing so they feel comfortable getting tested in the future.

Bali Peduli has been working alongside Indonesian Red Cross to deliver HIV education to students in Denpasar high schools. Under the new MOU HIV testing will be made available in Denpasar high schools for the first time.

This will be the first time that high school students will have access to HIV testing in their schools.

Bali Peduli Operations Manager Yunita Mardiani signed the MOU in Denpasar on Monday 2nd of November 2015.