Gianyar Prison Mobile Testing


Bali Peduli provides regular HIV testing for inmates at Gianyar Prison (Rutan Gianyar) through mobile clinics.

Mobile Clinics are important for testing people with high HIV risks who may not otherwise be abe to make it to a clinic to be tested, such as prisoners.

Bali Peduli has a strong relationship with Gianyar Prison and is welcomed back on a regular basis to conduct testing.IMG_7259

During the last Mobile Clinic at the prison, 40 people were tested with 4 testing positive for HIV.

According to Eka Sampurna from Bali Peduli’s outreach team, prisoners are a high risk HIV group because many of them have have found themselves in jail for drug related offences or solicitation of sex.

While there is HIV transmission whilst inside, he believes many HIV+ prisoners are already infected at the time of arrest.

Because of the difficulties in accessing healthcare whilst incarcerated, Bali Peduli works to bridge the gaps. To his knowledge, Bali Peduli is the only NGO providing HIV testing within prisons.

Bali Peduli has been working in partnership with Gianyar Prison for over a year and funding permitting, hopes to continue this relationship and expand the program to reach more people in need of HIV testing services.

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