Partner Organisations


Bali Peduli works with these organizations for HIV Support on Bali.

The Bali Provincial Health Authority, through the Ministry of Health – Republic of Indonesia, supports Bali Peduli with the provision of Antiretroviral medicines, testing reagents, condoms and lubricants.

The Spirit Paramacitta Foundation (or Yayasan Spirit Paramicitta in Bahasa Indonesia) is a non-governmental organization engaged in improving the quality or support for people living with HIV (PLWH) and the families of PLWH. Yayasan Spirit Paramacitta provides education and outreach services and refer their clients to Bali Peduli Clinics for testing and treatment.

The Kerti Praja Foundation (or Yayasan Kerti Praja in Bahasa Indonesia) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, was established in 1992 to work with the community on HIV health promotion, early diseases detection and prompt treatment, clinical services, rehabilitation, other community development and research. In conjunction with these missions, Kerti Praja serves as a resource and consultant for similar organizations involved in primary health care and research.

  • To provide assistance to other organizations in behavioral research, project design and evaluation.
  • To demonstrate more effective strategy in health care delivery system and other community development through operational research.
  • To provide affordable clinical services for low middle income groups in basic health care, such as STI services, family planning, antenatal care and immunizations.
  • To prevent infectious and non-infectious diseases in the community through health education, specific protection, early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Gaya Dewata Foundation (YGD) Bali is a non-profit organisation concerned with sexual health, HIV-AIDS and sexuality issues among vulnerable and underserved Men Sex with Men (MSM), gay and transgender communities in Bali. The Gaya Dewata Foundation was established on the 14th February 1992 by concerned members of the gay community as part of a collaborative effort with the Citra Usadha Indonesia Foundation. In July, 1999 Gaya Dewata moved to stand on its own and after seven years of hard work was officially registered as a legal organization in 21 August, 2009.

Bali Rainbow Community is an association of businesses and individuals committed to assisting in raising awareness and funding for education and care for HIV and AIDS in the Bali Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community (LGBT). BRC has organized benefit events on World AIDS Day (December 1st) to provide information about HIV and raise funds for care. A new program offers financial support for hospitalization for community members with complications from HIV and AIDS.

Bali Children’s Project (BCP) is dedicated to improving the lives of kids through education. For almost twenty years BCP has been reaching out to young people and their families in rural Bali, not least in mountain communities beyond the economic benefits of tourism. BCP was founded on the belief that as children are empowered to realize their potential, they will enrich their villages and contribute to the world we all share. By providing opportunities for education BCP gives children the chance for a better tomorrow, while lightening the burdens of today. Among programs for education support, micro lending and artists with disabilities, BCP has a health initiative that teaches sex education and HIV awareness to youth. Bali Children’s Project  and Yayasan Bali Peduli are working together on HIV education for youth in the Gianyar area.

Bali Kids is a special place for disadvantaged children. In addition to providing short, medium and long term shelter ih the orphanage where up to 30 children are part of the Bali Kids family, the Bali Kids facility is also open to sick Indonesian children of all religions – including those with HIV –  living in Bali. Parents from poor or economically challenged communities can bring their child for medical attention and treatment. Last year services were provided to almost 6000 children. Their outreach work goes into many of the remotest villages in the far North, East and West of Bali as well as the City of Denpasar. This program not only provides medical care but increasingly is a source of health education and prevention, including HIV and AIDS.

AYO! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS (Hey! Let’s Talk About HIV & AIDS) is an Education Outreach Program launched by the BaliSpirit Festival in 2010 to combat one of Asia’s fastest growing epidemics. The BaliSpirit Festival launched the “AYO! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS” (Hey! Let’s Talk HIV and AIDS) Education Outreach Program in 2010, to combat this growing epidemic among Bali’s youth. The BaliSpirit Festival firmly believes that education outreach programs such as AYO! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS, which empower teenagers to guard their own physical and emotional health and act with empathy toward others within their community, help us achieve our ultimate goal: to slow the spread of HIV & AIDS and to put an end to the stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV & AIDS.