Yayasan Bali Peduli mentioned in AIDS Journal

Yayasan Bali Peduli’s clinic at Klinik Bali Medika in Kuta,    mentioned in AIDS Journal as successful model for partnership between civil society organizations and public health sector.

Klinik Bali Medika WHO

Abstract: “In Indonesia, there are several encouraging examples of increased HIV service utilization; in particular, HIV testing and early treatment implemented in partnership of civil society organizations and the public health sector such as for MSM population in Bali. It is estimated that there are over 14,000 MSM in Bali[5] many of whom have never been tested for HIV. Bali Medika Clinic (BMC), a community-run clinic, has provided free, friendly, comprehensive, ‘one hour – one stop’ STI and HIV diagnostic services in Kuta, Bali since October 2012. BMC works together with Yayasan Gaya Dewata, a local MSM organization, and two NGOs (Bali Peduli and Bali Rainbow Community) interested in supporting the MSM community in Bali. National and local public health authorities are partners in this project providing support for HIV testing reagents, antiretrovirals and some STI drugs for the clinic”.

Full article here: AIDS JOURNAL