Positive Living Fund – Program Update

pic1Due to lack of education there is a prevailing negative stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS in Bali.  Unfortunately, this leads to people living with HIV (PLWH) being ostracised from their families and the community.  The Positive Living Fund (PLF) was created as a response to this situation and offers temporary non-medical support to people in these critical circumstances.  The objective of the program is to support and empower recipients to gain their independence.  In 2013, the PLF supported and re-established 23 women and children living with HIV.

In 2014, the YBP Outreach Team identified five clients in critical circumstances.  Subsequently, they were all provided with medical support and submitted into the PLF program.

A mother of two had recently lost her husband to HIV related illness and was now facing poverty and isolation from the community.  Initially, YBP provided the young family with essential items and medical support.  After some months in the program, the woman was able to find work and regain her independence.  The Bali Children’s Project currently supports the two children’s education, and the family has since left the PLF program, as they are now self-sufficient and re-established within the community.

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Unfortunately, cases where children have lost both their parents to HIV related illnesses are very common.  Currently, through a collaboration with Taman Permata Hati, the two orphan children are being provided with comprehensive non-medical support and care.  The children now live with their grandparents and are enjoying a normal life with a bright future.The success of this program is a result of the collaboration between YBP, donors, the Bali Children’s Project and Taman Permata Hati.  The future of the PLF program is to continue identifying, supporting and rehabilitating people affected by HIV.  Wherever possible, YBP works with other stakeholders to maximize resources, therefore, enabling us to serve and support those in need.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Positive Living Fund, please donate. Visit the DONATE page or CONTACT US for more information.