La Lucciola – 2014 Annual Benefit Dinner for Bali Peduli

Watch for announcement of the date for the 4th Annual Benefit Dinner hosted by LA LUCCIOLA, this fall…

In 2013 La Lucciola hosted the 3rd Annual  gala benefit dinner and auction for 40 guests with 100% of proceeds going to Bali Peduli. Over $35,000 was raised to support Bali Peduli HIV programs on Bali.

The 3rd benefit dinner was held October 24th. BP Board Chair, Lily Wardoyo says: “thank you THANK you to the LA LUCCIOLA and their wonderful team there who create a memorable event each year.”  For information about reservations for the 2014 La Lucciola dinner:

new La Lucciola invitation

The first La Lucciola event in 2011 helped provide costs for the launch of the first Bali Peduli clinic at Bali Medika in Kuta.