• Positive Living Fund - Program Update

    Due to lack of education there is a prevailing negative stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS in Bali.  Unfortunately, this leads to people living with HIV (PLWH) being ostracised from their families and the community.  The Positive Living Fund (PLF) was created as a response to this situation and offers temporary non-medical support to people in these critical circumstances.  The objective of the program is to support and empower recipients to gain their independence.  In 2013, the PLF supported and re-established 23 women and children living with HIV.

    In 2014, the YBP Outreach Team identified five clients in critical circumstances.  Subsequently, they were all provided with medical support and submitted into the PLF program.

    A mother of two had recently lost her husband to HIV related illness and was now facing poverty and isolation from the community.  Initially, YBP provided the young family with essential items and medical support.  After some months in the program, the woman was able to find work and regain her independence.  The Bali Children’s Project currently supports the two children’s education, and the family has since left the PLF program, as they are now self-sufficient and re-established within the community.

    Unfortunately, cases where children have lost both their parents to HIV related illnesses are very common.  Currently, through a collaboration with Taman Permata Hati, the two orphan children are being provided with comprehensive non-medical support and care.  The children now live with their grandparents and are enjoying a normal life with a bright future.The success of this program is a result of the collaboration between YBP, donors, the Bali Children’s Project and Taman Permata Hati.  The future of the PLF program is to continue identifying, supporting and rehabilitating people affected by HIV.  Wherever possible, YBP works with other stakeholders to maximize resources, therefore, enabling us to serve and support those in need.

    If you would like to make a contribution to the Positive Living Fund, please donate. Visit the DONATE page or CONTACT US for more information. 

  • Bali Peduli provides vital help for mothers and children with HIV

    When Bali Peduli launched the Gianyar Outreach Program in January 2013 our team was suddenly brought face-to-face with situations we had not anticipated.  We found women and children, mostly HIV+, being cast out of family compounds following the deaths of their husbands and fathers due to HIV related illnesses. Mainly due to the stigma associated with HIV, and for economic reasons this resulted in mothers and children falling off the care grid for lack of support.

  • Mobile Testing Clinic - Ubud

    Yayasan Bali Peduli has a Mobile Testing Clinic that directly services the clients. This service is helpful for people who want and need to get tested for HIV and STI’s, but usually due to their remote location, cannot do so.
    The Mobile Testing Services was set up in 2013 in Jembrana and Buleleng and since then, 50 tests have been conducted. This year, Yayasan Bali Peduli’s goal is to expand this program and take our mobile clinics to a wider range of communities.
    There are many people living on the island of Bali who do not know that they are HIV positive. They may not have the time or the necessary transport and means to visit one of YBP’s two medical testing clinics. There are two main negative elements of this outcome. If a citizen is HIV positive and they are unaware, they may continue to engage in unprotected sex and spread the virus to their partners. The second element is that HIV positive citizens do not access ARV, only becoming aware of their status when their health deteriorates and reaches a critical state.
    It is important for all citizens to be tested for HIV/STIs if they are having unprotected sex or suspect they may be positive. Yayasan Bali Peduli tries to encourage people to ‘get tested, get treated and get on with your life!‘
    In September of this year, the YBP Outreach Team and nurses from Klinik Anggrek, met with female sex-workers working in Ubud to test them all for HIV and STIs. A total of 13 women were tested and out of the 13 tested, 12 had never been tested before for HIV or STIs. All the women tested negative for HIV.
    A member from the Outreach Team had a chat with the women about getting tested for HIV. All the women agreed that it was easier for them having all their friends getting tested at the same time and that they would have been afraid to do it alone.
    Many female sex workers in Bali are often discriminated against by government health services, which discourages them to get tested. They also work irregular hours and that can make it hard for them to find time to visit a YBP clinic to get tested. However, Klink Anggrek in Ubud has now extended their opening hours to 4pm-8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays to cater to people like female sex workers.

  • UNAIDS visit Klinik Bali Medika

    The UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board Delegation paid a visit to our Klinik Bali Medika on Friday 24th October, 2014.  Twenty-five members assembled upstairs to hear a presentation about YBP by Dr Steve Wignall and Dr Yogi Prasetia.

    UNAIDS are assessing the HIV epidemic in Bali and also assessing YBP’s Klinik Bali Medika in Kuta as a potential model for them to replicate throughout Asia.  According to data from the Ministry of Health, the number of HIV cases among men and women has increased dramatically from 2008 to 2011.

    The Klinik Bali Medika was established in October 2011 and since then, YBP have treated 3025 patients. The clinic has a medical doctor, a nurse, an admin officer, two lab technicians and a counselor.

    All images taken by Petra Pets. To see more of her work visit the following sites: (website) (Facebook) @petrapetsphoto (Instagram)


  • Rotary International Visit Klinik Anggrek - Ubud

    The Rotary Global Grant was facilitated by Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset (RCBUS) with the help of Sue Winski. This grant funded the establishment of Yayasan Bali Peduli’s Clinic – Klinik Anggrek, housed in Puskesmas Ubud II, Sayan.

    The clinic has been recognized as a model for successful collaboration between the government public health facility and a private entity.

    The funding for the Rotary Global Grant ended in June of this year and 696 successful tests were run throughout the course of the grant. Yayasan Bali Peduli would like to thank Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset for their support over this period of time.  On Sunday 28th September, members of Rotary International came to visit the clinic and were thoroughly impressed. The members included:

    Mr Guiller Tumangan – Director, Rotary International

    Ms Julia Rivai – Assistant Governor, Rotary District 3420

    Mr Hanny Aryanto – District Governor, Rotary 3420

    Mr Al Purwa – Past District Governor, Rotary 3420

    Ms Cat Wheeler – Secretary, Rotary Club Ubud Sunset (RCBUS)

    Ms Sue Winski – Past President, RCBUS

    Ms Marilyn Carson – Past President, RCBUS

    Yayasan Bali Peduli founder, Dr. Steve Wignall, and chairperson, Lily Wardoyo, hosted the visit.

  • POSITION VACANT - Photographer

    YAYASAN BALI PEDULI (YBP) is playing a key role in preventing this spread of HIV on Bali, and we need someone to help us share this story. We are a non-government, not-for-profit organisation, who rely on skilled volunteers to achieve our life-saving work. YBP is seeking a volunteer photographer to join our team.

  • Art Exhibition to Benefit Yayasan Bali Peduli

    On December 10, Bazaar – Philosophy of Food in Seminyak hosted Jenya Kadnikova’s art exhibition, titled Undine”. Jenya, already an established photographer, expanded her artistic skills to create her first collection of original paintings.
    A share of the night’s proceeds were donated to YBP, to support our HIV testing and education programs in Bali. From the entire YBP team, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Bazaar, Jenya and everyone who contributed to the evening.

  • Art Exhibition to benefit Yayasan Bali Peduli

    Bazaar – Philosophy of Food restaurant is to host an art exhibition and charity event to benefit Yayasan Bali Peduli (YBP).
    On December 10, Jenya Kadnikova will launch her art exhibition, titled “Undine”.  Jenya, already an established photographer, has expanded her artistic skills to create her first collection of original paintings.  Jenya Kadnikova:  FACEBOOK  /  INSTAGRAM @jenya_kadnikova 
    A share of the night’s proceeds will be donated to YBP, to support our HIV testing and education programs in Bali.

  • BUAHA Beach Walk for World AIDS Day 2014

    On the 30th of November, Yayasan Bali Peduli will be joining the Bali United Against HIV & AIDS – Beach Walk in commemoration of World AIDS Day 2014.  The objective of the event is to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS in Bali, and show our support for people living with HIV.
    Bali United Against HIV & AIDS is a community collective of foundations, corporate sponsors and concerned citizens who understand the problem of HIV/AIDS in Bali and are committed to ending the epidemic on this beautiful island.

  • BUAHA Beach Walk for World AIDS Day 2014

    On November 30th, YBP joined the BUAHA Beach Walk for World AIDS Day 2014, to raise awareness for HIV and show support to people living with the virus.  Congratulations to the organisers of the event, it was a beautiful experience.

  • Fourth Annual La Lucciola Benefit Evening

    On October 16th, Yayasan Bali Peduli (YBP) held their annual Fourth Annual Benefit Evening at La Lucciola Restaurant in Seminyak.

    Bali Peduli thanks the owners of La Lucciola and their terrific team for donating the full cost of the fantastic menu and drinks in their private Fly Room.  200 million IDR was raised from the ticket sales, auction and raffle. The money will go toward support of our HIV programs on Bali.

  • La Lucciola Fourth Annual Benefit Dinner

    La Lucciola is proud to host the Fourth Annual Evening to benefit Yayasan Bali Peduli and honor the memory of Paul Latourell and his passionate efforts as a founder and supporter of its work to reduce HIV on Bali and provide support for people living with HIV.  A wonderful selection of special items from a number of generous sponsors will be auctioned, including some fabulous get-aways around South East Asia.

  • Donations for Bali Peduli now Tax-Deductible in the US

    Bali Peduli is pleased to announce US tax-deductible donations can now be made via Rotary Club Ubud Foundation.

  • Alere and MedQuest Donated CD4 Testing Machines

    This video, produced by ALERE for Bali Peduli, presents our work in Kuta to reach young MSM.  ALERE and MedQuest donated the CD4 testing machines for the Bali Peduli clinics at Bali Medika (Kuta) and the Bali Peduli Klinik Anggrek in Ubud/Sayan valued at over $30,000 plus 1200 cartridges for the machines valued at $38,000. Bali Peduli is very grateful for their generous support totalling $68,000.

  • Diva Lunch

    Divas at Lunch raise over 110,000,000 IDR ($10,000) for The Lana Lovy Fund in Memory of Paul Latourell
    Friday, April 25th Christina Iskandar’s band of Divas enjoyed lunch at Jemme Bali and raised over $10,000 for The Lana Lovy Fund at Bali Puli Peduli. Jemme Bali donated 3,500,000 IDR from the ticket price and then matched it to total 7,000,000.

  • Klinik Anggrek Formal Opening

    KLINIK ANGGREK in Ubud is now “officially” open!  On the 3rd of April,  the Head of Gianyar District Healh Office, members of Rotary clubs on Bali, Bali Peduli team, and members of the local community, joined together to celebrate the official opening.  The new clinic located at Puskesmas Ubud II in Sayan, under the leadership of Dr. Ngurah Adnyana, represents a significant step forward for Bali Peduli and our work in Gianyar.

  • Flashback 2013

    Greetings! And welcome to the first issue of
    Yayasan Bali Peduli’s quarterly newsletter.
    Our first audit is underway for 2013. When completed it will be part of our first Annual Report. Stay tuned!

  • La Lucciola - 2014 Annual Benefit Dinner for Bali Peduli

    Watch for announcement of the date for the 4th Annual Benefit Dinner hosted by LA LUCCIOLA, this fall…
    In 2013 La Lucciola hosted the 3rd Annual  gala benefit dinner and auction for 40 guests with 100% of proceeds going to Bali Peduli. Over $35,000 was raised to support Bali Peduli HIV programs on Bali.

    The 3rd benefit dinner was held October 24th. BP Board Chair, Lily Wardoyo says: “thank you THANK you to the LA LUCCIOLA and their wonderful team there who create a memorable event each year.”  For information about reservations for the 2014 La Lucciola dinner:

    The first La Lucciola event in 2011 helped provide costs for the launch of the first Bali Peduli clinic at Bali Medika in Kuta.

  • Second Bali Peduli Clinic Opens in Ubud

    Thanks to the efforts and support of Rotary Bali Ubud Sunset, Bali Peduli opened our second clinic providing free HIV/STI testing in Sayan, Ubud at Puskesmas II.


    Yayasan Bali Peduli launched THE LANA LOVY FUND. Paul was a founding member of Bali Peduli and a passionate supporter and advisor to our programs.

    Thanks to the generous donors – Pauls family and many friends – this support made possible the opening of the PAUL LATOURELL – BALI PEDULI HOUSE in Denpasar on January 4, 2016, providing HIV testing, treatment, and services.

  • GM Donates Car for Bali Peduli Field Work

    PT General Motors Indonesia has generously donated a 4-door car to Bali Peduli to assist our Outreach team transport clients to clinics, medical tests, hospital, etc.

  • John Hardy Red Ribbon Luxe

    The John Hardy company created special “red ribbon” pins to support Bali Peduli’s work. These beautiful pins both remind and support our HIV work on Bali.

    A one-of-a-kind pin was created with 18k gold lave and red sapphires.This pin sold at the 2013 La Lucciola benefit dinner and auction and raised $1000 for Bali Peduli HIV programs.

    An edition of 40 enamel and silver pins were created. The pins are $125 each.

    Damien Dernoncourt, CEO John Hardy, said “Congratulations for the hard work and great results. Glad our support is helping. Good luck in your visionary endeavor.”

    Big THANK YOU to JOHN HARDY COMPANY for this generous support.


    Yayasan Bali Peduli is seeking two passionate, motivated volunteers, to partner with us in saving lives and preventing the spread of HIV in Bali. Successful applicants will have the freedom to work from their home or our office in Ubud. They will be required to contribute approximately one or two days work per month (minimum six month commitment); a small sacrifice to help the lives of so many people here in Bali.