Meet Our Team: Eka Sampurna

website2Eka Sampurna was born in 1980 in Timor Leste, but grew up here in Bali.  He is a husband, father and aspiring musician.  Eka enjoys playing in his band, singing, traveling and art.  He studied and graduated high school in Ubud, so knows the community in this region very well.

Eka has worked as an Outreach Buddy for YBP for the past 18 months.  His role involves working directly with new patients and PLWH, providing them with information about available services and medication.  In addition, Eka also provides non-medical support in the form of counseling and emotional care.  He regularly joins the YBP Education team on outreach programs, were he delivers presentations on HIV and STI prevention, to community groups and schools.

website1Eka spoke about the challenges he faces in this role and said that discrimination and a negative stigma towards people affected by HIV is common.  He believes that this notion comes from a place of ignorance and that misconceptions about the disease have caused a divide between PLWH and the general community.  Eka is passionate about his work with YBP because it gives him an opportunity to help people, especially those affected by HIV.  He believes that PLWH deserve the right to live happy, normal lives.